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Carry On:
A comic about hyenas – really!
Carry On for Friday, January 3, 2020:
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A: Fearless Leader

Capt. Ahabi: Atten-HUT!
Jinjur: I find your lack of faith disturbing. Why do you doubt me? Have I not proven my worth as a leader?

Capt. Ahabi: Yes, Ma'am...
Jinjur: Since the day I picked up my fallen mother's helmet, have I not led you to victory after victory? Glory and fame? For the Black Watch, there are only battles won! And we will win this battle!

B: Tell Her Only What She Wants To Hear

Lt. Fedallah: But Ma'am— this doesn't seem like so much of a battle as...
Jinjur: As what, Lt. Fedallah?
Lt. Fedallah: Well... as treason. Going against our Duchess could start a civil war—

(Jinjur slashes Lt. Fedallah's face with her sword)
Lt. Fedallah: Yip!

Jinjur: This isn't treason, and it's not going to start a civil war. The Duchess is old and senile and needs to be replaced by someone young and strong who can make this country great again.
Sunday, July 1, 2017:
Fred’s Diaries have won first place in this year's Ursa Major Awards, in the Best Novel category! Many thanks to everyone who voted for us!
NOTICE: Persons attempting to find a motive in this narrative will be prosecuted; persons attempting to find a moral in it will be banished; persons attempting to find a plot will be shot.
~ Mark Twain

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