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Carry On: The players:

The Family:

Kathy Grrsn - Spotted hyena, works as a writer at Die Veldt newspaper, mostly of obituaries.

Arf and Tina Grrsn - Kathy’s parents. He’s a mortician, she’s a housewife descended from Hyenasport royalty.

Sandy - Kathy’s older sister, employed as an EMT, shacked up with an otter.

Arfur Jr. - Kathy’s younger brother: a bit of a slacker, fancies himself a ladies’-man.

Mama Fisi, Mama Penthiselia - Kathy’s warrior grandmothers. Fisi is a countess and served as a spy and assassin in the Hyena Brigade; Penny worked her way up through the ranks to become “The General”.

Grampa Reggie Clutter - Kathy’s hip-hop musician grandfather, married to Penny. Turns out he’s really a prince.

Grandpa Leonard Brown - (pronounced “LEE-oh-nard”) Fisi’s husband, a crazy inventor who collects time machines.

Other Hyenas:

Lieutenant Frederick “Yele-Mpasuo-Kooni-Katika-Usiku” Kruger - Also known as “The Lieutenant”, “Louie”, “Freddy”, and “Macho Nne” (Swahili for “Four-Eyes”). Adjutant to the Duchess of Rackenroon. Cambridge-educated accountant. Only son of the fabulously wealthy Lucretia Kruger and her husband, Sterling. Kathy’s fiance due to an arranged marriage. Has a British/South African accent. His African name means “He Who Slits Throats In The Night”.

Songween, Duchess of Rackenroon - Kathy and Sandy’s great-grandmother. Has a reputation for being a blood-thirsty tyrant. Her two older sons died without issue. Her youngest son Regulus ran away from home, changed his name to Reggie Clutter, and married Captain Penthiselia Bonejar.

Jinjur and Vyschuss - Two of Kathy’s distant cousins, in contention for inheriting the Duchy of Rackenroon. Great-granddaughters of Songween’s sisters. The fabled "ugly stepsisters" of the story.

Corporal Taffy - Hyena Brigade soldier assigned to guard first Reggie, then Kathy.

The Co-workers:

Walter Boussard - A vulture, editor-in-chief of Die Veldt. Married to Matilda, with three chicks.

Helen Highwater - O.C.D. raccoon office manager.

Scooter Kildall - Tiger staff artist, who also draws the comic strips “Pepe the Fire Ant” and “Kitty in the City”. His father was a pilot with the Flying Tigers. He has a large extended family living on a farm in the Catskills.

Kuchiku Sosumi - Panda gossip columnist and Lifestyle Editor.

Bo - Serpentine fact checker and Walter’s office assistant.

Loxley - Beagle investigative reporter.

Wolflynx - Species-confused staff photographer.

Calvin Swine - Porcine sports writer

Baabette Woolsey - Sheep accountant, married to Baasil, mother of Baahb, Baabra, and Eustace.

The Supporting Cast:

“Trader” Aloysius Horn - A unicorn bush guide sent by the Duchess to convey Kathy, Sandy, and the Lieutenant to her palace in Kiyanti, Rackenroon. Has an Australian accent.

Renchero - Trader Horn’s second in command, in charge of the zebras (and chief of the Idube tribe.)

Mama Ngiri - Immense Queen of the Warthogs.

Araali, Imara, and Busajja - the zebras bearing Kathy, Sandy, and the Lieutenant on the safari. Their names mean “Strength of Thunder”, “Stamina”, and “Manliness”.

Hsu, Bernice, and Lotus Blossom Ginsberg - slightly dysfunctional family of pandas who run the Wolong Seder, the best Kosher Chinese restaurant in New Yak City. Bernice is Kuchiku’s older sister.

Anastasia Slutskaya - A Russian-born brown hyena, Arfur’s fiancée.

Dave Beach - Sandy’s river-otter boyfriend, a widower. Has two sons from his first marriage, Rocky and Clay.

Fern Rougebec - Georgia peach cougar who plays “Athabi Mzzkiti” on TV.

Rick O’Shea - A clouded leopard, one of Arfur’s friends.

The Deacon and the Preacher - A Great Pyrennees and a Border Collie who lead the flock of the Church of the Golden Fleece.

Dr. Daniel Merino - The Bishop of Suffolk, Church of the Golden Fleece.

Penny and Eddie - Two police officers of the Border Patrol, married to each other.

Lola Cavaletti - Scooter’s mysterious girlfriend. A real night mare.

Chris Auldwuff - A lupine linguist hired to teach Kuchiku how to speak ploppah Engrish.

Mr. Howe - A hammerhead lawyer retained by Kuchiku.

Morrie - Kathy’s high school journalism professor. His home is a wreck.

Cynthia - An emaciated supermodel monkey.

John - An ambiguous little creature who works for the Ginsbergs writing misfortune cookies.

The Cameos:

Dr. Benjamin Rat from “Doc Rat” by Craig “Jenner” Hilton

Leonard from “Suburban Jungle" by John “The Gneech” Robey.

White Pony from “Cross Time Café” by Scudder “White Pony” Kidwell

Beth & Barb, Jenny & Jack from “21st Century Fox” by Scott “My Husband” Kellogg

Mzzkiti from “Freighter Tails” by Bill “What Nickname?” Redfern

Florence Ambrose from “Freefall” by Mark “Please Don’t Kill Me” Stanley

Monkey Boy from “Liberty Meadows” by Frank “I Hope He Never Reads This” Cho

Gil Froglio from Phil “God I Hope He Has A Sense Of Humor” Foglio

Emile Khadaji, Allen Woolley, Keith Howlington --Courtesy of their players