NeoCTC Cast Page

The Cross Time Cafe started in 2003 as a one-time collaboration between several webcomic artists:

The artists gave each other permission to use their characters to draw for the CTC. It soon developed an unexpected propensity for growth, attacting other artists (Bill Redfern, Kathy Garrison, Scott Malcomson, Manic Wolfman), and even artwork by fans and members of the Cross Time Cafe forums. Characters from the comics, and avatars of the members of the forum, started to make guest appearances and become part of the CTC cast.

The CTC forum outlasted several shared webcomic platforms, and finally became its own website. The artists invited several other webcomic artists to start dedicated forum spaces, even if the characters were not part of the CTC cast.

The Neolithic Cross Time Cafe was started by one of the forumites, Sleepy John, as a place where his stick-figure CTC art could be posted as well as in the CTC itself.

The Cross Time Cafe stopped updating in 2017, but the NeoCTC continues to post new content.

Who's Who and What's What

there are three major types of characters in the NeoCTC: webcomic characters, avatars of the forum members, and original creations.


Aspen (Downscale)
 Aspen - CTC    Aspen by Stephen
Aspen is a snake of unknown species; she is one of the two protagonists of Downscale, by Stephen Gilberg.

Beth, the White Guardian (White Pony Productions)
Beth, the White Guardian - NeoCTC  Beth, the White Guardian by Scudder Kidwell

Atahbi Mzzkiti (Freighter Tails)
Mzzkiti - CTC     Mzzkiti by
          BIll Redfern
Mzzkiti is the Moggian heroine of Freighter Tails, a webcomics series by Paul Gibbs and Bill Redfern.

Cecil Stewart
(21st Century Fox)
Cecil NeoCTC  Cecil by
          Scott Kellogg

Cecil, a giraffe,  is part of the tech crew of 21st Century Fox, by Scott Kellogg.  Cecil is the software half of the team.

Florence Ambrose (FreeFall)
Florence -
          NeoCTC  Florence by
          Mark Stanley
Florence Ambrose is a Bowman's Wolf, an anthro canine AI, of the FreeFall universe by Mark Stanley, one of the longest-running webcomics in existence.  She is an engineer on the spaceship The Savage Chicken, captained by Sam Starfall.

Frederick Kruger (Carry On)
Freddie -
          NeoCTC  Freddie by
          Kathy Garrison
Lt. Frederick Usiku Kruger, a hyena,  is one of the major characters of Carry On, by Kathy Garrison. 

Helix (FreeFall)
Helix - NeoCTC  Helix by Mark
Helix is a maintenance robot aboard The Savage Chicken.

Jack Black (21st Century Fox)

Jack Black - NeoCTC
Jack Black, a North American fox, is the other part of the 21CF tech crew; he's the hardware support guy, and usually ends up in the dangerous situations.

Jenny Curtis (21st Century Fox)
Jenny Curtis -
Jenny Curtis, a North American fox,  is an engineer, pilot, and biker.
Jack Black
          and Jenny Curtis. by Scott Kellogg

Kathy Grrsn (Carry On)

Kathy Garrison -
          NeoCTC  Kathy Grrsn by
          Kathy Garrison
Kathy Grrsn (hyena) is the main protagonist of Carry On, by Kathy Garrison.

KY (Hellbound)
KY - NeoCTCMY appears, by Manic

KY is, well, KY.  Her character in Hellbound was originally a dog; when she appeared in the Cross Time Cafe, she became a canine anthro.  Her true species is somewhat of a mystery.

Merlin Sinclair (Blue Horizon)
Merlin Sinclar -
          NeoCTC  Merlin Sinclair
          by Angie McClelland
Merlin, an anthro canine, is the captain of the Blue Horizon, a series of novels by Ted R. Blasingame.

Roy Calbeck

Roy Calbeck -
          NeoCTC  Roy Calbeck
Roy, drawn by Scott Malcomson, is a cigar-chomping unicorn mercenary, dating from the early days of furry fandom.  He has appeared in several venues, but has not had a webcomic of his own.

The Stick Figure Dragons
          Stick Figure Dragons
The Stick Figure Dragons were thje creation of a young artist who liked to incorporate webcomics characters in her art, so I asked if I could include them in mine.

White Pony
(White Pony Productions)
White Pony 1 -
          NeoCTC  White Pony 1 by
          Scudder Kidwell

White Pony memaporphosed to a new form, and so his NeoCTC image changed with him:

White Pony 2 -
          NeoCTCWhite Pony 2 by
          Scudder Kidwell
White Pony is the unicorn fursona of Scudder Kidwell, who hosted the Cross Time Cafe, and is another furry of long standing.

Sam Starfall
Sam Starfall - NeoCTC  Sam and Helix, by Mark Stanley
Sam, the debonair captain of The Savage Chicken, is also the scoundrel who stole the doors to the jail on Planet Jean.  A rogue who is always looking for his next scam, he has Florence to keep him honest, whether he likes it or not.

Virgil - NeoCTC  Virgil by
          Stephen GIlberg
Virgil, a rat, is  the other main protagonist of Stephen Gilberg's Downscale.

Forumite Avatars

All of the forumite avatars are used with the permission of their owners, for which the NeoCTC is grateful.

Archae  Archae - NeoCTC  Archae by
          Mark Stanley

Batty   Batty - NeoCTC  Batty by
          Kathy Garrison

Earl McClaw  Earl McClw - NeoCTC  Earl McClaw by expressionsofpayne

Emile Khadij  Emile - NeoCTC  Emile by ?

Godel Fishbreath

Godel - NeoCTC
Kryslin  Kryslin - NeoCTC  Kryslin by
          Steve Pettit

Marmoe  Marmoe - CTC  Marmoe profile

Old Wolf  Old Wolf - NeoCTC  Old Wolf by ?

Reese Tora  Reese Tora - NeoCTC  Reese Tora
          by Miss Mab

Scarletpelt  Scarletpelt -

Tarin  Tarin - NeoCTC  Tarin by Koz

Tiger_T Tiger_T - NeoCTC >Tiger_T 2015 phot

Tora Kiyoshi   Tora Kiyoshi Tora Kiyoshi

Wizzard_O  Wizzard_O -
          NeoCTC  Wizzard_O by
          Scudder Kidwell

These characters are original to the NeoCTC.  Be nice to them.

 KahedaKaheda by Kathy
          Garrison  Springbok jumping

Kaheda is a teenage female springbok, a native to the savannah of the Carry On universe, by permission of Kathy Garrison.


Rocky - NeoCTC Rocky by
            Stanley Kubrick

Rocky is the monolith from 2001: A Space Odyssey, with somewhat more dialogue.

Sleepy John  Sleepy John -

Sleepy John is the artist's own avatar.  It was originally based on Edward Gorey's Doubtful Guest, but was declared a penguin by the forum, so of course it is.  The most accurate summation of Sleepy John is that it tries to help, but never quite gets it right.

The African Herd

Kaheda travels back to the savannah every now and then, and there are some people there who are important to her.

Gemma - CTC  Gemma IRL
Aunt Gemma, a gemsbok.

Gnute - CTC  Gnute IRL
Uncle Gnute, a gnu (black wildebeest)

Sollace - CTC  Sollace - IRL
Sollace, a lioness and mother of two cubs

Vlad - CTCVlad - IRL

Vlad, the Impala.  And I'm not sorry.


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