If you wish to draw your own fan art of our characters, you may access the character sheets from the Cast page.

More of Heather's art (since I probably forgot some) may be found at her DeviantArt  or Sheezyart sites.



Art and strips by Others

Guest strip by Elizabeth "Lizzy" Jackson of Darkstar Rising
By Scott Kellogg of 21st Century Fox

Animation of Scott Kellogg art, by Loxley (requires Shockwave Player)

By Lauren Sillery
By Lauren Sillery (in response to this)
By Lauren Sillery

By Lauren Sillery

Hope makes an appearance in The Suburban Jungle (off-site link)
By Wyatt1048, of Dansk Folly
Hope as a pirate, by Kerrie Donnelly
Hope appears in Carry On, by Kathy Garrison
Hope, drawn by Frida Åhman. Also available in colour.
One of two fan comics drawn by assistant website designer Kristyn "GrimmHooke" Armour. The second of two fan comics drawn by assistant website designer Kristyn "GrimmHooke" Armour.

Fan art by Heather

"The Suburban Jungle" Halloween art contest entry
Veronica Desmond, of 21st Century Fox
Barb and Beth Stewart of 21st Century Fox
Hope with Triess of Catena
A chatroom staring Dover and Comfort of The Suburban Jungle.
Hope meets Josh of Carpe Diem, with Tiffany and Leonard of The Suburban Jungle looking on.
Fan art of the Fred Perry comic book series Gold Digger.


AtP art and concept sketches

Writer's block
Hope in an "Altermeta" design
Hope in Regency-period dress

Hope in Regency-period dress--take 2
Lauren: the pin-up
Hope, Lauren, Rachael, and Sarah as characters from "Sailor Moon"

David's 19th birthday gift

Going on a jolly holiday--Will and Jennifer as Mary Poppins and Bert.
Jennifer wishes all the readers a Happy Valentine's Day (get your drool buckets out!)
The American characters as the characters of W.I.T.C.H
The Sims: computer game or hermit maker? AtP line art from June 2005
Willy Wonka with a lot of five o'clock shadow Hope as a pirate wench from "Pirates of the Carribean"
Hope in "Desperado"
Jennifer in a greeen dress
Character redesign concept for Sarah Character expression study of Hope