The Cast

Primary Cast
Hope Springs

DOB: 4 June 1984

Species: Cheetah

Occupation: Personal assistant to the Managing Director of L.Y.O.N.S. Publishing

Info: Hope has spent all of her life moving around because of her father being in the US Air Force. Eventually, her family settled in Georgia , and after living there for seven years, Hope began to wonder if she would ever move again, or if anything would ever happen to her outside that small Air Force town. She found out.

She is a bit of a klutz when it comes to household chores--or sometimes even walking, but with the right motivation, she is a very bright and talkative young lady...as long as the conversation is about actors she has crushes on or what new anime is out.

William Leopold

DOB: 10 September 1977

Species: Lion

Occupation: Managing Director of L.Y.O.N.S. Publishing

Info: It has been said that William is a perfect example of what a pride's past and future should resemble. He holds a Master's degree from Oxford University, and is the successor to his grandfather as MD of the family's publishing company. Many would say he has the perfect life...

However, his life has been far from perfect. He is constantly threatened with being set up on blind dates by his family and friends. He also has to worry about a rather flirtatious soap opera star, Glynnis Chancellor, who won't take no for an answer.

And this is just the tip of the iceberg. His other worries have yet to be seen...

Anthony Lyons

DOB: 31 March 1979

Species: Lion

Occupation: Chief editor, L.Y.O.N.S. Publishing

Info: Anthony is the total opposite of his elder cousin William. His goal in life is to ensure that everyone has a good day. He much of his time making book deals with foreign publishing companies and having a pint at his favourite pub, "Blacktails." He's been friends with the owner for years, but hasn't visited as much since he met his two girlfriends, Nicole and Paris.

Anthony's main hobby is playing matchmaker for William. Maybe he does it out of spite; maybe he does it for other reasons...

Jennifer Blacktail

DOB: 29 December 1982

Species: Red fox

Occupation: Part time college student; owner/barmaid at family pub

Info: Jennifer grew up as an only child. This was hard on her, as she had to depend on her relatives' visits to London so she could spend time with her cousins--all seventeen of them.

Her cousins remained her only company until she was enrolled at the same primary school as Anthony Lyons. The two met when Anthony saved her from a group of bullies who approached her while she was trying to pass a "Stalking Birds" examination. They soon became best friends, despite the four-year age difference.

Jennifer has three goals: finishing college, convincing Anthony that he isn't Will's matchmaker, and getting Anthony to notice her instead of dating two women at once.

UK Supporting Cast

Glynnis Chancellor

DOB: 27 April 1966

Species: Ti-liger

Occupation: Soap opera actress

Info: When Glynnis was seventeen years old, she was discovered by a small London acting troupe, and became an actress. She appeared in a few small roles in Britain and Australia, but fame didn't really knock on her door until 1997, when she became a star on hit daytime soap opera As the Species Thrive.

Glynnis is in her prime concerning her body, mind, and lifestyle. She only believes in the best of things, and only cares about people who have the best of things--namely, William Leopold.

Sir Geoffrey Kenneth, OBE

DOB: 6 July 1946

Species: Lion

Occupation: Retired, Royal Air Force; author

Info: Geoffrey is William's mentor--a second father, if you will, after William's father Marcus died of alcohol poisoning.

Geoffrey has no biological children, as his ex-wife Jane left him for a hairdresser she met only a few years into their marriage. The void she left behind was filled when he adopted his god-daughter, a badger named Nadia McMeles.

Emilia Leopold

DOB: 31 July 1990

Species: Lion

Occupation: Student

Info: William Leopold's sister Emilia grew up too quickly. Her parents dead while she was young, she was sent to an all-girls boarding school as soon as possible. As a result, she has grown up very self-reliant.

An outgoing young lady, she has tried to leave her past behind her by immersing herself in her school's drama club.

US Supporting Cast

Rachael Juan

DOB: To be determined (age 18)

Species: Sea otter

Occupation: Student at University of Georgia at Athens

Info: Rachael's father is in the military, and was transferred to Britain during Rachael's senior year of high school. She didn't want to change schools, so she spent the rest of the year living with her friend Lauren.

She spent the summer after her senior year in Britain with her family, then returned to the US to attent UGA, where she and Lauren are roommates.

Sarah Marcomantra

DOB: 9 August 1984

Species: European lynx

Occupation: Student at Georgia Southern University

Info: Sarah is the more blunt member of the group of friends, known for sassy phrases and a "questionable" idea of a good time.

She is relieved to go to her university near the Georgia coastline because she can finally move out of her hectic home--and not have to share a room with her bratty eleven-year-old sister any more.

Lauren Valiant

DOB: 14 March 1985

Species: American cocker spaniel

Occupation: Student at University of Georgia at Athens

Info: Lauren was the valedictorian at Hope, Sarah, and Rachael's high school, and is a devoted fan of English classical literature--though not as devoted as Hope.

A hard worker, Lauren intends to leave UGA with a Master's degree in Creative Writing in four years, as opposed to the usual six.

Of the four friends, Lauren has the most common sense when trying to keep her friends' minds out of the gutter when they talk about their favourite actors.