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The Cluckettes! These are characters from Kathy Garrison's comic space opera "The Legend of Anne Bunny: The Pirate's Ransom!"
Susan Deer! It's Susandeer, one of my favorite people. :) Neverwench drew this conbadge of her and it just BEGGED to be animated. :) See Susandeer's website at "A Doemain of Our Own" by Susan "Susan Deer" Rankin.
Kung Fu Ramses It's the World's Angriest Mouse! And he can kick your butt! From the webcomic "The Suburban Jungle" by John "The Gneech" Robey.
Dragon, Wolf, and Tiger On Christmas Eve, I finished reading Ted & Eileen Blasingame's excellent sci-fi tramp freighter series Blue Horizon. Using of the the project artwork, I created this quick little animation as a thank you. "Dragon Wolf and Tiger" are a rock band in the Blue Horizon story setting.
Running Free 6 megabytes, 7 months, and 8 minutes long, it's my fully animated short based on story and artwork by Scott Kellog's 21st Century Fox strip.

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