My sketchbook has a loose theme called "Opposite Sketch, Role Reversal, or Other." Generally, I ask an artist to draw sort of an "alternate universe bizarro world" version of one of their characters, or some other sort of double-take inducing picture, such as giving a very hard-pressed character an actual break.
I'm too lazy at the moment to provide links to peoples names and websites. I will soon, though. Most of you already know who these folks are. :)
Watch this space! A looooooooooooong time ago I promised Susan "Susandeer" Rankin (back when she was still a Rankin and not a Parkin, but hopefully soon she'll be a Rankin again) that when I finally got a sketchbok of my own, I wanted her to draw the very first sketches in it. Unfortunately life happened and got in the way... but i still kept the first few pages free for her. She won't be the first person to draw in the book, but I can at least let her have the very front. :)
Bill Holbrook did a picture of Danielle for me.
Mark Stanley draws a sketch of Florence sleeping on the job(??) and Sam(!?!?) picking up the slack.
Bill Redfern's comic Freighter Tales features Mzzkiti and a certain male crewmate who has a crush on her... the feelings aren't generally reciprocated, but THIS time...
White Pony drew this one for me. I had asked if he could perhaps draw a picture of his character and Mark Stanley's Florence as Florida trailer park neighbors who didn't get along, but I could tell his heart wouldn't be in such a project. "That's okay, Pony. Just draw me SOMETHING. Anything you draw will be special to me." And this is what I got. :)
Arrrghh! I can't believe I did this! Chris "Koz" Kozloski who draws the comic "By The Saints" drew a picture of his charachter (Calie) for me. She's typically a very demure and ladylike character. He signed it and everything... and then I chopped the bottom of the image off. Grrr. And I can't go back and rescan it because at this very moment my sketchbook is at the tender mercies of the US Postal Service, on the way to SusanDeer. I'll rescan it later.
Ah, yes. Scott Kellogg's character "Scobee." Scobee is prolly the closest thing that Scott has to a "dark" character in his strip. He was once "all that", a test pilot, and married to the beautiful Jenny... but after some unfortunate circumstances (including extensive injuries from a crash) his relationship soured. So now he's divorced... the parallels between this character and I hit fairly close to home. "Scott," I asked him, "There are TWO sides to everything. I don't believe that Scobee is The Devil... and I think he deserves some happiness. If I can work through MY issues, maybe he'll be able to get through his. So draw me a sketch of Scobee actually being happy and fulfilled." And this is what I got. :) Scott's never claimed Scobee was evil or The Devil or inherently BAD, by the way.
Kathy Garrison drew her character "Anne Bunny" for me. Except the comic strip Anne Bunny is a tomboy who's not only currently impersonating a male, but is well on her way to being a PIRATE! Arrrr! And yet here sh is wearing a dress being sereneded by everyones favorite fireant, Pepe, who comes from one of her OTHER comic strips "Carry On". How Kathy manages to be a cartoonist, sculptor, painter, writer, artist, and SINGLE HANDEDLY RUN A FARM is beyond me.
Darcy's comic strip Code Name Hunter features a hardbitten Dirty Harry tough-as-nails street cop special investigator/secret agent "Ruby." Uh, she must be undercover. Yeah, that's GOT to be it.
Fellow Class Menagerie fan and artist, writer, and fighting game enthusiast CJGarver drew this in what used to be my sketchbook. Fortunately, I've got a scan. This is Sara Seville, who is a card shark in Vince Suzukawa's The Class Menagerie strip, currently in re-runs. CJ is sweet on Sara. :) She's not really a fighting video game character, honest.
Vince Suzukawa drew Kim Greenwald for me, looking all pure and innocent. I should point out that Kim is the resident man-hungry err... let's just say that she doesn't deny herself the pleasures of the flesh, or deny herself much of anything else for that matter. I, however, suspect that there is a depth to her character; one doesn't become captain of the cheerleading squad at one of the biggest universities in California without having leadership skills and actual talent and a work ethic; she's got her own moral code is all. Yeah, and I'm sweet on her, too. :) Also from my former sketchbook that I no longer have access to. Vince said he draw me another sketch, though. :)
Ah, poor Leona Lioness from John "The Gneech" Robey's "Suburban Jungle". Leona suffers from having to be in comepetition withthe main character of Gneech's strip; it's hard to succeed when God really DOES like the other person best. Of course, SOMETIMES Leona has shot herself in the foot; she's gotten so accustomed to failure that dealing with success is hard fo her. She also has a bit of an attitude problem... not that she doesn't have a good reason to be hurt and angry, but you got to learn to keep that stuff in check. So, I asked for a sketch of Leona with something GOOD happening to her. (Also from my former sketchbook)
Leona again. As a replacement for the original of the above sketch, Gneech did THIS one. I wanted to keep going with the theme of Leona finally catching a decent break, and finding that there were people out there who did admire and care about her despite her flaws. I still need to pester The Gneech for the original to this so I can scan it; this image is leeched off his website.