Behold the wonderful Flash stylings of Loxley!

Here is where I keep an archive of my assorted Macromedia Flash MX 2004 work. I do not claim to be good, or even adequate; I'm just trying to be entertaining.
The most recent animations are listed first, and they get progressively older as you go back.
The Cluckettes! These are characters from Kathy Garrison's comic space opera "The Legend of Anne Bunny: The Pirate's Ransom!"
Susan Deer! It's Susandeer, one of my favorite people. :) Neverwench drew this conbadge of her and it just BEGGED to be animated. :) See Susandeer's website at "A Doemain of Our Own" by Susan "Susan Deer" Rankin.
Kung Fu Ramses It's the World's Angriest Mouse! And he can kick your butt! From the webcomic "The Suburban Jungle" by John "The Gneech" Robey.
Dragon, Wolf, and Tiger On Christmas Eve, I finished reading Ted & Eileen Blasingame's excellent sci-fi tramp freighter series Blue Horizon. Using of the the project artwork, I created this quick little animation as a thank you. "Dragon Wolf and Tiger" are a rock band in the Blue Horizon story setting.
Running Free 6 megabytes, 7 months, and 8 minutes long, it's my fully animated short based on story and artwork by Scott Kellog's 21st Century Fox strip.
Party!!! Congratulations Scott on 1000 21st Century Fox comic strips!
Boo! In space... nobody can hear you scream... (a quick Halloween Noodle)
Impact In Scott Kellogg's strip "21st Century Fox" a Kuiper Belt object is on a collision course for Venus... where there are two robotic probes with artificial intelligences... so they're aware of their impending doom.
West Bound and Down A somewhat lighthearted and upbeat look at Telezart (one of the two AI probes on Venus) as he makes a mad dash for relative safety from the impending comet strike.
Bat and Mouse Johan Maus goes for a job interview... and it turns out the position is located at a semiconductor factory on the moon! There is a very strict "no fraternization policy" due to the remoteness of the location. The chronically single and lonely Joe cynically expects this to not be a problem for him. Little does he know that he's about to meet a vampire bat named Veronica...
Anne Bunny Promo Movie Kathy Garrison's comic strip "The Legend of Anne Bunny: The Pirate's Ransom" need a promotional trailer for it, so I whipped this out. Kathy though she was just sending me storyboards, but she's such an artist taht just her storyboards were all I needed to complete the project.
Hey Jupiter I'm a big fan of Vince Suzukawa in general, and his comic strip "The Class Menagerie" in specific. A while back he commented on how he wished he knew an animator who could make a particular storyboard into a music video. Well, now that I know flash, i went adn dug up the entry, and built it to the best of my abilities... I wasn't aware that there was more going on than I knew about; I'm terribly clueless about affairs of the heart. I'm hoping someday I can do something for him that's upbeat... hey, waitasec, he owes me an email regarding some project or other... hrm...
Kitten Kaboodle teaser This was based on a piece of Saturday Filler than The Gneech ran for his comic strip "The Suburban Jungle." It portrayed his character Tiffany Tiger as she played the role of "Kitten Kaboodle: Space Ranger." The only problem was that Leona wasn't also in it as "Harriet Hart O'Steele." So I included her and made a short teaser for their upcoming series. At least, I *hope* it's upcoming. Leona needs the work. :)
Sailor Sedna Kheetor, who draws "Across the Pond" was feeling really down. Scott Kellogg drew a bit of fan art for her to chear her up, and I animated it to see if it woudl help her feel even better. She went "Sqeeeeeeeeeee!". It's not all that, but she must have liked it, and that was the point. She's feeling better now, I'm happy to report.
Badge for Hyper-X I have no idea who Hyper-X is. I just saw this conbadge that The Gneech did, and just HAD to animate it. Supposedly the guy that owns the badge liked the animation, too.
Jenny to the Rescue! Oh gawd. Ok. This is the VERY FIRST Flash animation I ever did. I learned a lot doing it thank goodness. I've animated part of a story arc from 21st Century Fox; Hurricane Liska has trapped some motorists and the waters are rising, and its up to Jenny to rescue them in her amphibious tiltrotor. I was sorta sneaky when I made this; I know how much Scott likes music, so I nonchalantly asked what sort of music he associated with his characters... he not only gave the name of the song he associated with the Cessna Kingfisher, but provided a link as well! I'll never be able to pull off that type of surprise again, but it was worth it. :)