Circus of Towels


The front coverThe back cover

Side One (McCrum)

1. Bulb
2. Eddie at Large in Bolivia (or Tourist Jim Eats Marmalade Part III)
3. E
4. Davey's Multicoloured Ants
5. Abort
6. Debussy Equals Crack

Side Two (Room 39)

7. Kaleidoscope of Lyrical Thing
8. Irritant
9. Anti-Irritant
10. Custard Creams
11. Alphabets
12. Susan and Germaine
13. Nothing to Fear

Extra Tracks

14. Magenta Thoughts

Running time (as first published after 20 hours): 25:53

Photos, video links and patently missing material to come soon (say, when the producer has not been awake for twenty continuous hours).

All contents made by and copyright the participants.