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a potted history

Albion Fuzz began in July 2001, and continued, hiatuses and name-change excepted, on a regular basis until the start of 2003. Owing to authorial dissatisfaction, it was then reworked, to begin again in March as Bohemials. That ran until December that year before (authorial dissatisfaction proving addictive) coming to a second halt. The final strips were posted at the end of April 2004 (when this summary was written).

Um. What's going on?

The strip can be confusing. I first devised the characters when I was fifteen; began the strip at seventeen; ended it a little after my twentieth birthday. So I was (am) still young and grasshopperish; and it was a first webcomic, so I was really working things out as I went. Which may account for some of the odd choices of subject-matter, incomplete allegories, inconsistencies of plot or character, and the like. The obscurity of my jokes seems more permanent, though. (Usually I've found that at least one reader gets it; if you can't make sense of something, move on. It's unlikely to be important.)

What's this Tooth and Claw business?

That was the original name of the strip. I had failed to notice, however, that another comic already owned the name in a variety of ways. Having been politely asked to change it, I hurriedly brainstormed alternatives. Albion Fuzz was honestly the best I could think of. (I may not have been thinking altogether clearly at the time. I now tend to agree with my friends' opinion that it sounds fairly dodgy.)

Is this it?

Bohemials' ending is only an ending, not really a conclusion. I've opened up too many threads in the strip's lifespan to resolve now. Part of Bohemials' point, as I originally saw it, was that it wasn't meant to contain lots of neatly resolved plots, but to be continuous, encompassing several characters' lives in all their unwieldiness. But the rest of that point required that the strip go on for at least a couple of years (and, paradoxically, probably killed it off as a result). It would be absurd to put a resounding full-stop - like The Diary of a Nobody's - after so few events and months.

But it is definitely the end. I'm tempted to say that they may reappear in future stories or comic strips; but that would turn this ending into yet another indecisive, irritating hiatus. So, officially, the story is over. If strangely-familiar characters turn up in other contexts, they won't have this history to rely on. Equally, though I will - do - still draw comics, I don't expect to publish them on a regular basis; perhaps on my personal website, wherever that ends up being.


It's goodnight from me. I hope you enjoy reading these comics as much as I enjoyed making them.

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