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Another inch towards professionalism: rejigged structure and design, and -

You read right: an RSS feed. A hand-written one, too. There's no way this plan can possibly go wrong!

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updated 2/2/2006

The Albion Fuzz / Bohemials archives

At long last - you can read AF and B online again. Many thanks to UNblue, who's provided the home of the zipped archive for the last couple of years.

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Soar and Sing

Metaphorical chicken, meet metaphorical mouse.


Is Does - A Cold Coming

'Tis the season for celebratory dance. And cultural reappropriation.


Solid Oswald's Hot Lemony Drink

New Album-a-Day! Made, at a distance of 3987 miles bridged by a net connection, with Brian Lenth. We're very pleased with this'un.

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